VisionWorks Demo

You can now get a demonstration version of our stimulus generation capabilities.  Usually, StimulusMaker is embedded in an application such as contrast sensitivity or VisionWorks for Electrophsyiology, but this demonstration version will permit you to explore the capabilities.  Please note the minimum hardware requirements as listed in our product list.  Even if you do not have a recommended VGA in your computer, the demo version  will probably work.  Please let us know whether it does or not, so we can update our data base of supported VGA cards.  

To download  our demo version of VisionWorks for Windows, click here, but please first read the VisionWorks System Requirements carefully.   

The current version of the VisionWorks demo is 1.5.2 (uploaded July 19, 2007). You can check the version of any VisionWorks application by going to the 'Help' menu and then choosing 'About'.

VisionWorks System Requirements

The VisionWorks Demo requires Windows 98 or Windows ME,  or Windows XP. Windows 2000 also works, though currently only with dual monitors.

Our demo version requires that your computer have an up-to-date version of Microsoft's DirectX.  This will generally be the case., but if your computer does not already have DirectX version 5 or greater installed then you may download it using your web browser and entering the address:

Or, as of this writing you may get DirectX 7.0a directly from the Microsoft download center:

Or, if you are attached to the internet you can click the 'Start' button and then select 'Windows Update'. This will bring up your web browser to the 'Windows Update' web page. From this page select the 'Product Updates' from the left margin. This will analyze your system and present a list of software available to update your version of windows. Among this will be DirectX if you are not currently up to date.  From this web page you will be able to download the latest version of DirectX.

This and much more is explained in the readme.txt file that you will find in your VisionWorks Demo Program group in your Program Listings off of the Start menu.


To download VisionLab (Version 3.1 for DOS--only will work for customers who have VisionLab hardware), click here.