VRG Ultra-High-Speed Monochrome Monitors


VRG has pioneered the development of ultra-high frame-rates and ultra-rapid-decay phosphors in CRT monitors. VRG monitors are built expressly for vision research and applications such as frame-sequential stereo and are the best available monitors for these applications.

VRG has a  multi-format monitor that may be used with standard computer systems at frame-rates up to 240 Hz.  These are the only monitors supplied with p46 phosphor - which has the shortest persistence and lowest tailing currently available for raster-scan. This is important for motion, flicker, and frame-sequential stereo. Standard white phosphor (p104) may be ordered where high brightness is desired, and image persistence is unimportant.  Monochrome monitors have no shadow mask, as do RGB monitors. Their images are therefore sharper and never have moiré patterns.

Specifications: 21" flat-square, 110 degree deflection tube . Luminance is typically 100 cd/m2 maximum with p46, varies with image size, timings, and phosphor. Separate or combined H/V sync. Geometric linearity < 5%. Monitors are supplied standard with custom p46 ultra-short persistence phosphor (yellow-green), standard P104 is available. Power supplies switch between 90 -> 135 VAC @ 60 Hz. and 185-> 250 VAC, 47 ->63 Hz. Approvals: UL, CSA, TUV, IEC, CE Mark, FCC A and FCC B for Information Technologies and Medical Safety requirements. Dimensions 19.5" wide, 16" high, 17" deep, weight 65 lb. Tilt/swivel base optional.

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor. CRT may have very minor phosphor defects. Warranty does not cover phosphor burn from misuse or overuse.

Our multi-format monitor can be used with most standard VGA or Mac graphics controllers (appropriate cable required). Adjustable parameters allow image optimization over a wide range of resolutions and frame-rates. The following formats have been pre-tested, and are guaranteed.  Other formats will likely work, but they are not guaranteed.

1024x512 @ 120 Hz

704x512 @ 200 Hz

These formats require specific "front-porch",  "back-porch", and blanking settings that are available from VRG.

Note: Customers in the Southern Hemisphere will most likely require a local monitor technician to fine-tune geometry due to the significant variation from northern hemisphere magnetic field.