VisionWorks for Windows Price List


All software products described below are designed to run on a PC-based system running under Windows using conventional upper end VGA graphics cards (e.g. the ATI Radeon).  A 3-button mouse or trackball with trackwheel is recommended. A sound card may be required for most psychophysical applications. In the following descriptions, StimulusMakertm refers to our menu-driven stimulus-generation system and MethodMakertm refers to our menu-driven psychophysics module. All products will be single-copy and copy-protected and come with an initial free service period of three months. An extended service contract is available. Prices are exclusive of shipping and handling.

Quantity Discounts are: 10% for single orders above $5000; 15% for orders above $10,000, and 20% for orders above $15,000 and 25% for orders above $20,000. Discounts do not apply to custom programming, hardware, service contracts or additional licenses. The following products are stand-alone and require no further purchases unless noted.

Contrast Sensitivity

This program will perform contrast-sensitivity functions using a wide-range of stimulus and psychophysics options, since it is built on our menu-driven StimulusMaker and MethodMaker software modules. A gray-scale expander is recommended.


Application Package

This is a set of applications including Contrast Sensitivity (described above) and red-green equiluminance by flicker photometry, vernier acuity, and stereo acuity (requires shutter glasses and stereo-shutter driver (SSD) box).


Stimulus-Generation for Evoked-Potential Applications

This program will generate sequences of stimuli defined by navigating our StimulusMaker menu. The pre-defined sequences may be initiated by a keypress or by a signal across the parallel port. In addition, outgoing parallel port pulses may be used for synchronization with your data acquisition equipment.


VisionWorks for Electrophysiology

This is a program that is built upon StimulusMaker. It has provisions for real-time mapping of receptive fields and for automatic sweeping of stimulus parameters, including multi-dimensional sweeps. It does not do data acquisition but communicates with data acquisition systems by using the parallel port to send out ID signals and synchronization pulses.


VEP / VisionWorks for Electrophysiology Package

(includes both Stimulus-Generation for Evoked-Potential Applications and VisionWorks for Electrophysiology, with a single-user license on the package (i.e. both products licensed for the same computer) 


VisionWorks for Developers

This includes the base system libraries (Microsoft C++) that facilitate low-level graphics, frame-time control, stimulus generation, look-up table (LUT) manipulation, sequencing and interfacing.


VisionWorks for Developers (including MethodMaker and StimulusMaker)

Same as above, but including libraries for installing our high-end software modules for stimulus-generation (StimulusMaker) and psychophysics ( MethodMaker).


Remote-controlled Stimulus Generation

This is a client-server model for controlling StimulusMaker (included) from a remote PC. StimulusMaker resides on one computer (the server) while another computer (the client) sends signals via the serial port to configure stimulus parameters and via the parallel port to instantly display the specified stimulus. The client requires customization by the purchaser.


Calibration Software

This program generates different brightness levels and requires that users take manual luminance readings with a photometer and enter them into the computer. Linearization look-up tables are then generated automatically.


Custom Program

Custom applications can be specified for psychophysics experiments and electrophysiology applications that use StimulusMaker and/or MethodMaker. There will be a base charge for the high-end software modules plus a charge for programming time. The price shown is for a typical application. More complex applications may incur additional charges.


Custom Program with full Libraries for further Development

This combines the custom program with VisionWorks for Developers (including MethodMaker and StimulusMaker), which is described above.


Additional license for second computer

This allows a purchaser to use all the software purchased for one computer on a second computer.


Service and Upgrade Annual Contract

This annual fee will cover up to ten hours of service (includes basic support but does not include custom programming) and upgrades for all products licensed to a single computer.




Products are guaranteed for one year. Prices are exclusive of shipping and handling

21" Digital Multi-Format Monitor

This monitor has an extremely fast P46 phosphor and will sync up to 200 Hz (704 x 512 format)


Stereo Shutter Driver (required to use any of the glasses with our software)


Economy Shutter glasses


Nu-Vision wireless shutter glasses with infra-red emitter


Nu-Vision wireless shutter glasses without emitter


Ferro-Electric Shutter Glasses


Unmounted Ferro-Electric Shutters


"Breakout" cable for External Parallel Port Pulses


Customized Parallel port (DB-25) cable for connecting two PCs


Serial port communication cable


Gray-Scale Expander (requires monochrome monitor or RGB monitor with termination switch)


Gray-Scale Expander Adapter Kit (for use with RGB monitors)



Monitor Calibration


System Set-up